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Lets List MVP's Features And Capabilies

1. Manage Videos

MVP comes with a comprehensive Dashboard where you can manage, control, and configure your videos and how you would like them to behave. MVP Dashboard is where you select your video either as a link from YouTube or a stand alone MP4 format that you can upload and host on your own host, everything is set so simple and self explanatory that you wont even need a video tutorial to learn how to use it, although we have provided you with a full how-to tutorial anyway

2. Affiliate Marketing

Once you have your video selected, one of the many amazing features unique to MVP, is that you can promote an affiliate Offer if you wish and or send your visitor to any other website you would like them to go! Yes, you can even configure when this should happen, during the video and or at the end of it, its completely up to you when this should pop up.

3. Autoresponder Integration

Oh Yes, You can use MVP as a lead capture, configure your MVP via its dashboard, connect it to your Autoresponder provider! MVP works with well known Autoresponders like: -AWEBER -GetResponse -MailChimp -SendLane Or use and embed their code

4. Scheduled Opt-Ins

Once you have your Autoresponder connected, via the dashboard, you can schedule as to when during the Video the email capture form should show up, and it will appear within the video! Its completely up to you to allow skipping and or keeping it until your visitor enters their name and email address! All you have to do is to configure it to how its suits your business.

5. Social Share/Lock Scheduler

Want to spread the word? Easy! configure The Social Lock to pop on your video at any time you woud like it pop! it will stop the video and wont go away, well, unless you configure it to allow skip, untill the visitor Shares your Video.

6. Content Revealer

With MVP, you can hide any content you want to have under your video for as long as you like, and revel them when you want by scheduling it, choose the time you would like to have the content reviled, and until then, all your visitors will see is just the Video! Use this option to keep the visitors on your page longer and build anticipation, then show them what they have been waiting for, when you want them to see it!

7. In Video Side Buttons

Did you know you can have a side menu on your Video using MVP? You can create a button and associate it with various options available, like a map to your location, another post, or page within or outside of your site, you can also have a video icon for related Videos you have to what you are showing!

8. Call To Action

With MVP, you can choose to show calls to action! A call to action (CTA) prompt in a video is an essential tool that can help achieve various benefits: Encourages the audience to engage with the content Drives conversions CTA prompt can help increase the retention rate of a video and provide a clear direction to the audience about what to do next. This eliminates any confusion or uncertainty and helps the viewer move forward with their engagement with the brand!

9. Dynamic Skins

Did we say you can also choose a skin for your video? Yes, there are many frames and or skins to choose from to make your video stand out, if you to choose to do so, all you need to do is via your dashboard, browse through the frame/skin images and choose the one you see fits the most, and Wala!

10. Video Playlist

Attention course creators, and everyone who wants to use more than one Video on a page, but doesn’t want to have multiple screens and have the visitors go searching, simply use one Video and have the rest displayed on the side! Create a Video playlist!

11. Sticky Video

Whether your video is playing or not, you can enable the following function. Just Like FaceBook The video then will follow the scroll and keep the visitor engaged

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